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Parent Conferences Letter SampleThis is a sample of the letter we send for parents to sign up for Parent Conferences.Download25.59 KB4598
Parent Conferences Reminder Letter SampleThis is a sample of the letter we send to parents to remind them of their conference.Download79.30 KB4858
March KindernewsThis is our monthly newsletter for March called our Kindernews.Download346.73 KB13377
Mouse-tastic Parent Volunteer Gift TagGift Tag to go on a parent volunteer gift.Download346.73 KB13377
Sample Parent NewsletterThis is our monthly parent newsletter for November called the Kindernews. Download34.25 KB3889
Welcome to Kindergarten LetterThis letter can be e-mailed or sent home to families before the first day of school. We like to introduce ourselves, encourage communication by giving out our e-mail addresses, website, etc. We also give the school hours and a kindergarten supply listDownload346.73 KB13377
Progress ReportThis is sent home at the end of the first and second trimesters with the report card to give parents more specific information as to what their child needs to work on.Download55.08 KB3350
Sample Parent NewsletterThis is our monthly newsletter for October called our Kindernews.Download74.47 KB4326
Back to School PacketThis packet is sent home with students the week of Back to School Night for parents to read over before they attend the meeting.Download558.36 KB8236
February KindernewsThis is our monthly newsletter for February called our Kindernews.Download346.73 KB13377
1 2 3 Parent Conference With MeYou can use this form to guide your Parent-Teacher Conference.Download346.73 KB13377
Back To School Night Parent Sign-In SheetYou can keep track of who came to your Back To School Night by having parents sign-in.Download33.17 KB2783
Invitation to Back To School NightSend this home with students to invite and remind parents to come to Back To School Night.Download46.42 KB2977
January KindernewsThis is our monthly newsletter for January called our Kindernews.Download346.73 KB13377
Fundraising EventWe have a Spooky Sundae Social in October to raise money for our classroom. Students and families can come to school in costume and enjoy an ice cream sundae for a good cause.Download141.63 KB2400
Homework PolicyThis explains our homework policy to parents. We go over this at Back to School Night and include it in the Homework Folder.Download558.36 KB8236